Monday, June 21, 2010

monday monday

The beauty of casual Fridays, though I've never had the joy of experiencing it, is that it is a not too subtle nod to the coming weekend. A working stiff who had to wear formal gear all week can slip into standard issue khaki pants and other bland business casual gear and know that freedom is near - TGIF.
In Nairobi, ok, donno if it is all o' Nairobi, but at my new job here, there is a thing called casual Monday, where you can relax the super formal wear that is required every other day of the week. (No joke on the super formal thing, even the lady that makes the coffee wears a shirt that is starched to within an inch of its life.) Anywhoo- where was I? oh yes, casual Monday, I suppose it is to ease you back to the formal week from the weekend but it is totally lost on me. I would much rather tighten my belt, put on something standard from a closet full of dark suits, starched shirts and head out to face the week. Every single freakin' Monday I am sitting in front of my closet at 6:30am agonizing whether my old strechy maternity top is 'business casual' (don't judge, it still feels lovely 2 yrs later) , if ballet slippers are too, well, too ballet-y. So I end up with a non suit look that is still formal, cardigan much?, but that I can't wear any more because I've branded it casual by wearing it on a Monday. Bloody 'ell! anyway, happy Monday! I had a lovely weekend with my little dude.

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