Friday, June 18, 2010

oh hey, how you doin'

So yea, I have been MIA for a few months now and a lot has changed. I'm back in the rat race and back on the saddle vis-a-vis the working situation. Those lovely months off are such a pretty memory. Still loving Nairobi but a little bit differently than when I used to hang outside my home and drink tea. The rainy season is upon us and it's almost as if I never lived through many a north eastern winter. I shiver at the slightest dip in temperature and complain. I've become a local! Anyway, I am back, with a super fast internet connection and I'll be more diligent about updating this here blog thingy. In the mean time, here's the view from my office window.
Sorry for the bad quality pictures, thought it would be weird to be snapping these at mid day. I should do another one early morning. Anyway, so that shot above is showing what is above the building that is across the road. A hotel. whoa, the Standard in NY had quite a rep but this one has got it beat; that's all I've got to say about that for now. Here's the view that I have to the

A little further is a view of a mosque which breaks my days with the beautiful melody from the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer several times a day. It always makes me smile and reminds me that even though my screen still is loaded with financial models and legal papers, I am sooooo far away from where I was last year.

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