Monday, August 9, 2010

dude, where's my stuff?

We packed up our stuff in New York a few months ago and handed it to shippers who were going to provide door-to-door service to Nairobi. Now after a lot of delays I demanded they track my things and guess what? Our container is in Haifa, Israel. What? Is there a way that one can spell Mombasa that could in any way be read as Haifa? Anyway, I can't be too mad. I wish I was in Haifa. It's a beautiful place. But my house here is empty really save for some essentials and the whole waiting thing is getting very old. How many times I've put off buying something because I know I've got 3 of them in the container, which is chilling in Israel. Anyway, it is supposedly now on its way on a Chinese ship and will be here on sept 4th. That is barring another detour to, I donno, timbuktu?! And by arriving here i mean the port of Mombasa, and who knows how long it will take to get it past customs and make its way to Nairobi. sigh. I've tried relaxing and thinking positive but I'm grumpy. I want my shit, that's all. sorry. *fans herself* yes, too early in the week to be spouting such salty language. Have a happy week.

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