Friday, August 6, 2010

you don't see this everyday

I was having a late lunch at the Thorn Tree cafe and this Somali couple walk in and are waiting to be seated. They caught my attention because the guy is dressed in a suit and the woman is covered from head to toe in black but for a small slit that shows her eyes. I know it is not very tolerant of me but every time I see a woman dressed like that, it annoys the hell out of me. Especially in Africa. Because it has *nothing* to do with African culture or Islam which has been practiced here for ages. This drenching ones' self in black fabric is another symptom of new import from Arabian tradition that has been the cause of so much strife...ohh..let me stop. I think I'll need another post for that some other time

anyway, so I am looking at them and the waitress seats them right next to me. As soon as girlfriend sits down she puts her bag down and start taking her face covering off. Then the headscarf. Then she shakes out cascading long hair. She's wearing full makeup and beautiful chandelier earrings. She looked around the room and caught me looking with my mouth open. She giggled. It was so freakin awesome. I don't know why but it totally made my day.

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